Training & Mentoring
Training and Mentoring

We provide training and mentoring options for both practitioners and management in all aspects of Information Management, Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture.

The following training courses are available, and in addition to these classes, we can also provide custom-built, on-site training and awareness seminars.

Information Management Fundamentals – A 5 day introductory course covering all of the disciplines of Information Management as defined in the DAMA Body of Knowledge (DMBoK) together with the forthcoming changes in DMBoK 2.0

Data Modeling fundamentals – A 3 day intermediate course introducing students to data modeling, its purpose, different types of models and how to construct and read a data model.

Advanced Data Modeling – A 3 day advanced course for students with data modeling experience to understand the human centric aspects of data modeling to enable them to build quality models that meet business needs, and to cover advanced structures and patterns.

Information Management Foundation & Practitioner Courses - A series of 1 day (foundation) and 2 day (practitioner) classes to give practitioners a solid background in a specific Information Management topic. The 2 day practitioner workshops will provide in-depth knowledge on the implementation aspects of an Information Management discipline

  •  Data Modeling Foundation (1 day only)
  •  Data Governance Foundation & Practitioner
  •  Master & Reference Data Foundation & Practitioner
  •  Data Quality Management Foundation & Practitioner
  •  Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Foundation & Practitioner
  •  Data Integration Foundation & Practitioner

Executive Workshops –½ and 1 day executive workshop(s) designed to give non-technical managers a basic understanding of a various Information Management topics and their importance to the organization.

CDMP Certification –A 3 day workshop designed to help attendees prepare for the DAMA CDMP certification. Testing is also included as part of the workshop.

Integrated Business Process, Data & Requirements Definition –A 5 day intensive class to show students an integrated requirements discovery and definition approach, that encapsulates business processes, different kinds of requirements modeling, and critical role of the conceptual data models.