Practice Development
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TargetArc has vast experience in helping multinational organizations build internal expertise in the areas of:

  •  Enterprise Architecture
  •  Information Architecture
  •  Business Architecture
  •  Business Relationship and Change Management

Practice development

Expertise cannot be attained instantly. Most organizations have failed to build internal practices, when they tried to achieve everything in one go by hiring new resources. This approach in majority of cases has led to chaos/resource overload, and has not provided the promised value to the business. This eventually resulted in shelving of practice development initiatives.

TargetArc recommends organic growth. Our team of experts:

  •  Perform current state maturity assessment to see where your organization is in terms of resources, roles & responsibilities, skills, content creation & utilization, current processes and work with you to define your target state maturity
  •  Tailor our Roles & Responsibilities framework to define your Practice’s team structure
  •  Tailor our Skills framework to define the foundational and core skills required at each level of the practice structure to execute responsibilities
  •  Tailor our Content Framework to define the deliverables & artifacts that need be created to provide business value
  •  Provide a roadmap for skill uplift of existing resources and identify gaps that need to be filled in with additional resources
  •  Define a roadmap for incrementally adding roles and extending the responsibilities of each role
  •  Define a roadmap for incrementally increasing the content that continues to provide business value and adheres to best practices
  •  Align the practice to your existing Capital-Value (stage-gate) processes.