Mergers & Acquisitions
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At TargetArc we have extensive experience in helping organizations decrease the business integration timescales and associated costs, post mergers and maximize business value.

Our expertise in Business Capability Modeling and Enterprise Blueprinting has enabled us to create a comprehensive methodology and formulate holistic approach to integrate businesses seamlessly.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We start the engagement with documentation of the motivational factors behind the acquisition by using our business architecture methodology to ensure that the elements of the deal that represent the source of the acquisition receive the highest focus and avoid ‘integration for its own sake'.

Our Methodology: 3D Model


During this phase the focus is on business capabilities that were the source of acquisition. By applying our blueprinting methodology, we disseminate each capability by creating multiple views from four critical vantage points;

  •  Business – business processes, business services and business rules that encapsulate the capability
  •  Data – information which is the backbone for the business process
  •  Application – applications that support the business processes
  •  Technology – underlying infrastructure that is required by the business process

In situations where the similar business capabilities exist at both the acquirer and target organizations, Discovery exercise is conducted at both the organizations to document the capability at both ends.


In this phase, where we work with your integration team to facilitate the design of target operating model and transition states, which continue to provide business value and progress your organization towards the target. Our prime goal is to design multiple building blocks that lead to seamless integration at all levels; People, Process, Organization, Locations, Data, Applications, and Technology.


In this final phase, architecture designs from previous phase are translated into prioritized portfolio of integration projects which must then be implemented through a structured program of work. We identify risks, anticipate barriers to change and produce mitigation and change management plans. In some instances we may also develop contingency plans around the high value integration activities and the continuity of the existing business. During the execution of the integration projects, we help you manage change by deploying our change management experts and oversee the delivery by providing program and project management services.