Enterprise Information Management
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Professor Joe Peppard recently said "The very existence of an organization can be threatened by poor quality data".

In today's business environment, never before has Information Management been so critical to the well being of organizations. From gaining competitive advantage, positioning for M&A activity, attaining new insights and warding off regulatory threats, the professional management of the Enterprise Information asset cannot be underestimated.

But these Information Management activities do not have to start from scratch each time. Our comprehensive Frameworks and Reference Models help to accelerate Information Centric Projects. These include:

  •  Enterprise Information Management Framework
  •  Reference Architecture Models for the core Information Management Disciplines
  •  Information & Enterprise Architecture Behaviors & Attitudes, Competencies & Skills Framework
  •  Information Management Lifecycle Content Framework
  •  Information Management Tools & Technology Selections Method
Enterprise Information Management Framework

Our experienced team will be able to provide practical advice and services across all of the Information Management disciplines.Typical services we provide include:

  •  Enterprise Information Management Strategy Development
  •  Information Management Capability & Maturity Assessment, Business Alignment, Competency uplift, Roadmap & Transition
  •  Data Governance Strategy, Capability Uplift & Implementation
  •  Master & Reference Data Management Strategy, Capability Uplift, Business Alignment & Implementation
  •  Data Quality Management Strategy, Capability Uplift, Business Alignment & Implementation
  •  Data & Process Modelling Development & Review
  •  Big Data Readiness Assessment
  •  Competencies, Skills, Capabilities & Services Uplift
  •  Training & Mentoring