Business Architecture
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Business Architecture is defined as a "Blueprint of the enterprise that provides common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives and tactical demands".

Business Architecture is principle driven. A principle is an agreed upon truth that can guide one's reasoning. Our principle driven approach allows organizations a wide degree of latitude in the practice of establishing and leveraging Business Architecture.

Business Architecture

TargetArc's Business Architecture Value Stream

At TargetArc we use a common Business Architecture blueprint, the Value Stream, to define the major stages involved in delivering value to the collective set of business stakeholders benefitting from business architecture.

By combining our expertise in Information Architecture discipline, we tailor Business Architecture and Business Model Frameworks to fit your organizational needs.

We know that your stakeholders understand the business, organizational culture and have an appetite for better changes; hence we follow an all inclusive approach and work with your business teams to:

  •  Identify key drivers for strategic change and build Business Motivation Model
  •  Create and communicate Business Model Scenarios
  •  Understand and develop Value System and Value Chain
  •  Understand and develop Business Capabilities
  •  Develop Business Operating Model using Capability Based Planning and align it to business motivation
  •  Develop business view of information, which is the backbone of business
  •  Perform Maturity and Readiness assessments to determine the gap between current and target maturity and the degree of change required to reach the target state
  •  Build combined views to represent various stakeholder groups and concerns
  •  Develop effective strategic plan and roadmap with multiple transitions that link strategy to execution