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TargetArc is an independent consultancy practice specializing in Strategic Architecture Design. We provide impartial advice and direction, helping organizations build common vision and roadmap to achieve strategic business goals. Our Architectures enable enterprises to realign and reshape faster in current disruptive markets and provide value to customers.

We are independent advisors with a wealth of experience providing both consulting and training in Enterprise, Business and Information Architecture. Whilst we may not single handedly solve everything for your organization, we can definitely get you headed down the right path.

We can advise you on Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, Information exploitation, developing an Enterprise Information Management Strategy, pragmatic Data Governance, realistic Master and Reference Data Management, Information Assurance, Metadata Management, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Information Quality. Additionally we can help you establish your Enterprise Architecture or Information Management practice and uplift the competencies and services needed for these.

We also develop and execute Integration strategies, by utilizing our proprietary framework and methodology to streamline business integration during Mergers & Acquisitions. Effective Change Management strategies can also be delivered by utilizing our business partner expertise. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then be sure to contact us. We’ve got over combined 50 years’ experience in the Strategic Architecture delivery and Information Management field, working for leading organizations across the globe.

If you're unsure what all these things mean then that's fine, you're not alone. Why not get in touch with us to discover the Enterprise and Information Management training & mentoring solutions we can provide and how we can help address your business and information challenges.

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