First comes vision; then organization of that vision, into actionable plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in identifying your Target.  
-Napoleon Hill
Welcome to TargetArc
TargetArc is an independent consultancy practice specializing in Strategic Architecture Design. We provide impartial advice and direction, helping organizations build common vision & roadmap to achieve strategic business goals. Our Architectures enable enterprises to realign and reshape faster in current disruptive markets and provide value to customers.
Our Services
We provide practical advice and services across all of the Information Management disciplines
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a set of related capabilities that work together to define, manage and exploit Business and Information assets.
Blueprint of the enterprise that provides common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives and tactical demands.
Our triangulated, Process, Systems & Data blueprinting approach on business processes, data and systems yields new insights and opportunities for business optimization
We have vast experience helping multinational organizations building internal expertise in Business architecture and Relationship & Change Management.
 At TargetArc we have extensive experience in helping organizations decrease the business integration timescales and associated costs, post mergers and maximize business value.